With over 30 years in the computing industry and 8 in academia, Paul Pivec brings a wealth of experience to each project he is involved in. Originally a systems programmer, but with many years in networking and multimedia, Paul has owned and managed two multi-million dollar development companies with a customer base that included the New Zealand and Australian Governments, and multinational companies NCR and Hitachi. In the decade prior to the World Wide Web, Paul’s company Trinet, was the first to bring multi-protocol compatibility to networks across Australia. As managing director and lead designer, Paul’s development team pioneered graphical interfaces for text based management systems and subsequently sold the technology to AT&T.

Having completed his Masters Degree in Game-Based Learning, and a Graduate Diploma in Higher Education, Paul completed a PhD in frameworks for using game-based learning. Now based in Europe, he is also combining his knowledge in pedagogy with his development skills to complete his latest project in multi-user game-based learning via the Internet. Paul still finds time to consult to game development companies both in Europe and down-under, is actively publishing and presenting at conferences, and is a guest lecturer on an ad-hoc basis.

Paul’s recent projects include being contracted by the European Commission to research literature on the use of computer games in schools and by Becta, the UK Government’s agency for education technology, to write a report on Game-Based Learning. Both contracts required extensive research and called upon Paul’s knowledge in this arena.

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Paul has experience with most technical skills in the industry – Networks, Interface Design, Web Programming, and Game Programming. He has programmed in most languages including Assembler, but prefers to use C or derivatives of such as Objective C and ActionScript 3 for Web programming.  However, he also has skills in php, java, mysql, etc., having taught programming at University level. Currently, Paul is working with SmartfoxServer and Unity 3D.

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