Academic History

2009 – 2010
Senior Researcher/Academic Staff Member,  University of Applied Sciences РFH Joanneum, Information Design, Graz, Austria

2006 – 2010
PhD Candidate,  Deakin University, Faculty of Education, Melbourne, Australia

2003 – 2007
Senior Academic Staff Member, Unitec NZ, School of Computing and Information Technology, New Zealand

Co-hosted Workshop on “Game-based Learning” at EDEN, Vienna.

Co-hosted Symposium on “Game-Based and Innovative Learning Approaches” at Ed Media, Orlando.

Invited Speaker for Game-based Learning panel at Online-Educa conference in Berlin.

2005 – 2006
Collaboration with FH-JOANNEUM on eye-tracking study in Graz, Austria, during 4 month lecturer exchange.

2004 – 2005
Establishment of UniCave – Game Development and Research Laboratory at Unitec New Zealand

2002 – 2003
Academic Staff Member, Auckland University of Technology, School of Electro-Technology, New Zealand

Other Activities

Game-On International Advisory Panel – 2009/2010
Catch-Up Educational program, UK – Advisory Panel, 2009/2010
Reviewing for ACE 2005, 2006 – Australasian Computing Education Conference
Reviewing for NAQQC 2003, 2004 – National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications
Supervision of Master Students 2006 – Unitec New Zealand
Examiner of Master Thesis 2006 – Otago University, New Zealand